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The Layout


Precision Miniatures along with 3 like minded partners are building what is anticipated to be a showpiece layout depicting the heydays of the South African Railways in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The track will be prototypically correct 12mm gauge. The minimum standards for the layout are that all main line curves will be 1 metre or larger in radius. Curves in yards will 750mm or larger and the maximum gradient will be 2.5%. This will be contained in a 10×6 metre room.

The track plan has been designed with prototypical operations in mind and the scenery and structures will loosely represent the Breyton, Lothar, Carolina area of what used to known as the Eastern Transvaal. It is designed for end to end operation with the option of circular running for open days.

The railway will service, agricultural, timber, quarrying industries along with through trains of block coal loads. Industries will include grain silos, fuel depots, sawmill, rock crusher cement distribution, cattle, dairy, general freight and passenger operations.

Motive power will be predominantly steam with early generation diesels.

The Construction

The Plan

Plan Photos
Newer Plan
Plan Render

Construction Brief

The plan encompasses two typical platteland towns. The larger town, at the top of the plan, will feature a large steam shed, along with a typical incline coaling stage, ash pits and turning wye. Incorporated in the steam facility will be workshops and other typical structures. The diesel shed will also have light workshops and fuel depot.

There will be a 2,3 metre long passenger platform and typical platteland station building and other ancillary structures like Post Office, Lamp shed etc. There will be a large 2 track goods shed within the station area. To the east of town will be a large grain silo and mill complex, fuel distribution depot, cattle docks and one or two smaller rail served industries.

The second town will feature a smaller passenger station and single steam shed and small coaling stage with a turntable. This facility will be mainly for helper engines for heavy west bound trains.

This town will feature a large sawmill complex, smaller grain silo and three or four other rail served industries. The main street behind the station will feature typical plattteland town buildings like a bank, art deco petrol station, general dealers and railway hotel.

The open track between towns will be single track with one passing loop at a small wayside station. One of the focal points will be a 5 span truss bridge, 2 metres in length over a typical river.