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for the finest in H0 SAR models

Contact Rod Hering on: +27 82 780 5110

Precision Miniatures are the Southern African distributors for the DJH Engineering range of HO scale model locomotives. As we are based in South Africa, we concentrate on their SAR range of locomotives.  

In addition we have an expanding range of other products that are targeted at the SAR modeller.  

All of our models are scale and prototypically correct.

Class 5R
E2 2nd class coach
Rolling Stock
Truss Bridge


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Precision Miniatures first Video!

Watch Rod Hering telling the model railway fraternity all about the Precision Miniatures future plans for the hobby. 

Yes, its all about scale models of South African Railways  locomotives and prototypical model railway products!

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Operational Changes at Precision Miniatures

Due to the increased cost of holding stock, as a direct result of the exorbitant charges by freight forwarding companies, interest rates, exchange rates and increased cost of components from our suppliers in the UK, we have had to re-look at how we conduct our business.  In the past we would hold stock of components of all of the locomotives in our catalogue, and we would assemble them as the orders were received from customers.  This way of doing things is no longer sustainable, and in future we will be assembling locomotives in batches of a particular type.

We have just sold the last of a batch of 6J’s, and are currently assembling a batch of six 19D, of which four have been ordered, and pre-sold to customers. There are two left that have not been sold.

In September we will receive a supply of components to assemble six GMAM, of which five have been ordered from customers, leaving one unsold so far.  We are holding orders for three GCA’s, so we will be assembling a batch of six in December 2023 and January 2024. It is scheduled that in February 2024, we will be assembling another batch of six GMAM.

After that we will look at the state of the orders received and advise what we will be assembling next.

Once we have announced what locomotive we are assembling next, and its price, that price will be held for all orders placed for that batch.  If any locomotive is not pre-sold from a batch, they will be advertised for sale, as, ‘immediately available’ on this page.

Well over 90% of our sales are outside of South Africa, in future all prices will be quoted in Pound Sterling as we source the majority of our components from the United Kingdom.For South African sales, we will quote a fixed Rand price on receipt of your enquiry.

This will give an indication of what locomotives will be available for the next 6 months.

All orders will be honoured strictly in the order that they are received, via our website or email.