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Purchase Of New Kits

Since the takeover of the tooling and intellectual property by Precision Miniatures, of the SAR range of model locomotives, previously sold under the DJH/Modelloco brand, we have arranged the following for those who wish to build there own kits;

The sales of the kits, will continue to be sold, on behalf of Precision Miniatures exclusively from the factory outside Durham in the United Kingdom.  Kits will not be supplied directly from South Africa.

The kits supplied from the factory, will be exactly the same as when they were under the DJH/Modelloco brand. This means that the two Garratt models will only have the rear engine unit powered, and the GCA, 19D and 6J will only be available in HO (16.5mm) gauge.

These kits can be ordered directly from DJH at and paid for on their secure payment portal. The kits will be dispatched from the factory to customers worldwide.

There are no plans to change the specification of these kits going forward.