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After 20 years as one of only two DJH Engineering distributors in the world, Precision Miniatures is pleased to announce that we have recently completed the purchase of the rights and tooling for their range of SAR locomotives. We took this step to preserve and ensure the availability of these locomotives going forward, as DJH have grown and diversified that there was a risk of discontinuation.

We still have access to the design, tooling and production capabilities of DJH Engineering, and their associated suppliers.  At this time it is envisaged that the tooling will remain in England, with DJH, who are a centre of excellence for white metal and brass castings.  This move allows us to develop improvements to the existing models, and will speed up development of new locomotives. To this end, all of the CAD drawings for the 16E, along with the masters for the tooling are on their way to England. Precision Miniatures has tried to find reliable partners to do the production of this new locomotive locally, to no avail.

One result of this move, is that DJH and Precision Miniatures will no longer supply kits of the SAR loco’s, and will supply ready to run models only, with our 12 month workmanship warranty.  In future all international enquiries received by DJH will be forwarded to Precision Miniatures.

For clients that wish to purchase any of the non SAR locos in the DJH range, we are still a factory appointed distributor for these models, and will be happy to procure for you, and quote to build if required.