Garratt up date.

GMAM/GO Garratt.

During the last quarter of 2016, we at Precision Miniatures, in conjunction with DJH Engineering have been hard at work at looking bringing some new SAR steam loco models to the market. We have used this opportunity to increase our local input to future models. This has the advantage of reducing costs, as we are paying local labour rates for bought in expertise, and being essentially a 2 man operation we do not have the overheads of an organisation like DJH Engineering. It also helps to reduce the uncertainties of the exchange rate. After discussions it was decided that first project would be to introduce a model of the GO Garratt. The choice was helped by the fact that a lot of parts are common to the existing GMAM model. Precision Miniatures has done all of the CAD 3D design work for the components that need to be produced to turn the GMAM into a GO. These include a new front footplate and water tank, main frame sides and footplate, boiler, cab sides and spectacle plate and rear coal bunker and cab side plates. We have taken the opportunity to improve the existing GMAM, and both models will feature a correct ash pan and other detail improvements.

Along with the design work, the masters for the new components are being produced locally, and then sent to England, where DJH will produce the tooling and supply the necessary components for these models. Assembly will still be carried out in South Africa and then shipped to their new owners. Part of the new joint venture between DJH and Precision Miniatures is that global sales for the new GO, and GMAM models will all be done through Precision Miniatures. This will allow some economies of scale, and will help to control costs.

Twin motored Garratts.

Since the introduction of the twin motored version of the GMAM, sales of the single motored version dried up completely, so too simplify our production all GMAM/GO Garratts will ONLY be available with both engine units powered. We have been able to achieve this with very little increase in price by DJH not supplying their kit motors and gearboxes and buying in the two new motors and gearboxes from a third party at an OEM rate.