Super power GMAM Garratt.

GMAM Garratt, now available with front and rear engine units powered.

To increase the pulling power of our ever popular South African Railways GMAM Garratt we have overcome the installation and space constraints of the front water tank, to be able power the front engine unit.

This still utilises the smooth running and low current Mashima motors as suppled in all of our locomotives. Should you order your locomotive with the ESU Loksound decoder installed, there are no worries of the current draw of the two motor plus the lighting being too much.

This locomotive carries our standard 12 months warranty on parts and labour. (See terms of our warranty) and is available in both 12mm and 16.5mm gauge versions.

This version of the GMAM is not available as a kit.

Precision miniatures will offer a retrofit service to all customers who have purchased a ready to run GMAM (12mm or 16.5mm) from us since April 2011. Shipping costs will be for the customers account. If the original build did not include a decoder, installation of an ESU Loksound decoder and bi-directional lighting can be accomplished at the same time.

For pricing please see our Locomotives Page for details.


Precision Miniatures warranty and repair policy

Precision Miniatures warranty and repairpolicy.

All ready to run locomotives purchased from Precision Miniatures carry a 12 month warranty on parts and labour, from the date of shipment. This warranty does not include the cost of shipping, import duties etc.

This warranty specifically excludes decoders and electric motors. Each of our locomotives are test run for a minimum of 6 hours prior to shipment to ensure that they are running correctly. Should a motor burn out or a decoder fail, it will be due to circumstances beyond our control.

Precision Miniatures will supply at a reasonable price components that have been lost or damaged during construction for kits that were purchased from Precision Miniatures.

If a kit has not been purchased from us, we offer a service where we will quote for the repair and replacement of parts subject to quote. The cost of shipping is for the customers account.